Geography is one the most important subjects you will ever study. You use Geography everyday without even knowing it. Giving directions, finding your way to school, talking about the council’s new recycling initiative, deciding where to go on holiday and talking about the weather are all everyday activities that involve using your Geographical knowledge and understanding. Some of the jobs that involve using Geography include Engineering, Cartography, Travel and Tourism, Aid work, Outdoor Education Town Planning and even Transport.


Yr 7 – The geography of Place, China, Weather and climate including an introduction to climate change, Coasts

Yr 8 – Global ecosystems focussing on Brazil and the Rainforest; World Development focusing on Africa; Globalisation; Wild Weather; Rivers and Flooding; Tourism at both local and national level.

Yr 9 – Population and Migration; Global Hazards; Antarctica and Glaciation; Challenges of living in an urban area; Natural Resources focussing on the Russia and the Middle East.


If GCSE geography is chosen as an option then we follow the OCR B syllabus Geography for Enquiring Minds.

The topics covered during the course are:

Global Hazards, Changing Climate, Distinctive Landscapes and Sustaining Ecosystems which make up the Natural World paper.
Urban Futures, Dynamic Development, UK in the 21st Century and Resource Reliance make up the People and Society paper.
We also complete 2 pieces of fieldwork – one physical which has been a river study and one human which is urban based these are also examined on the papers above.
The third paper is geographical exploration which is a decision making exercise where a geographical issue is studied in detail and a variety of resources are used to decide which is the best course of action.