People think that history is just a study of past events and people, although this is true history is about much more. Our aims are not just to tell stories about past events but also to broaden people’s minds to how your world has evolved. We want pupils to ask questions about the past and to express their own opinions about people and events and develop their analytical skills.

We hope that learning about past mistakes can help in ensuring they do not happen again. History can help make sense of many other subjects. Finally we believe that a lack of historical knowledge prevents people from truly understanding the world they live in.

Programme of Study 2017-18




Term One


Term Two


Term Three


Year 7


What is History? Skills


Medieval Britain
Everyday Lives


Britain 1509-1745.


Year 8


Elizabethan England, Stuart England and the Civil War



Cromwell,1660’s, Slavery and Empire


Industrial Revolution


Year 9


World War One and Suffrage


World War Two & Holocaust


Russia and Whitechapel


Year 10


Crime and Punishment


Crime and Punishment and Whitechapel, Elizabethan England


Elizabethan England,


Year 11



Superpowers relations and the Cold War


Weimar and Nazi Germany