Learning Mentors

The aim of the Mentoring Programme is to support individuals to overcome barriers to learning which could prevent them from reaching their full potential. As mentors we are fully committed to supporting pupils to achieve the best they can in the best way they can.


For Pupils

  • To be happy and self confident and build positive relationships with staff and pupils
  • Improve self image, confidence and motivation
  • Raise their expectations and aspirations in order to give them a clearer vision of career goals/opportunities
  • To improve social skills, forming relationships with staff, peers and family
  • Improve attitude and behaviour both in and out of school
  • Improve attendance and punctuality to reduce exclusions
  • Improve self organisation and taking ownership of their problems

For Families

  • More positive attitude towards school
  • Improved support and communication between school and home
  • Ability to deal more positively with situations and conflict
  • Work together to improve family relationships and school relationships

For School

  • Develop the “whole” child
  • To students in all aspects of their life in order to achieve and be happy
  • To improve grades
  • Reduce in permanent/fixed term exclusion
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Support over a wide range of personal, social issues and be able to signpost to other services outside school

As well as 1-1 work we also run group sessions focusing on things such as social communication, self esteem and friendship.

Referrals can be made by

The student, parents, staff and outside agencies

Comments from students who have used the mentors

“When I started at Alder I was very nervous. I didn’t like the thought of being in such a big school. Sometimes I get that worked up I can’t do anything! I was told to go to see the mentors which really helped. My mentor helped me to understand why I was feeling so worried and suggested some things to help me calm down. Although I still get worked up sometimes I know that I can see my mentor if I need to which really helps. It’s really helped me to settle into high school.”

“I had a lot going on at home and I was struggling to cope in school with all the things going on in my head. One of my teachers referred me to the mentors. I would see my mentor once a week and we would talk about the things that were going on at home. It really helped me knowing that I had someone to turn to. Things have improved at home to I don’t have my one to ones but she always checks how I am and I go to visit my mentor at the drop ins.”

“I have trouble controlling my anger sometimes which has caused problems at school. Someone told me about the mentors so I thought I would go to see them. My mentor helped me to understand where my anger came from and helped me to channel it in different ways. I now have a time out pass that allows me time out of the class if I can feel myself getting worked up this had helped me to avoid situations where I would normally bet into trouble.”

Feedback from parents

“There are too many teachers to thank for their love support and effort for my child that I felt I should personally thank you for having staff that go above and beyond their remit. It has not gone unnoticed and I am extremely grateful and impressed with your staff and school who have taken a personal interest in my child and made a difference to our lives. Thank you so much.”

What we have been up to...

During the summer holidays we ran 4 transition days for year 6 pupils starting with us in September. The students we invited we chosen after speaking to their primary schools to see who would best benefit attending. Students who attended really enjoyed using the time to get to know the school while it was quiet.