Staff List
Curriculum Leader/Assistant Head
Mr S Muddiman
Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mr J Sowler

Miss P Rayson
Mr M Kerwin
Miss R Young
Miss R Barber
Mrs K Morley

Curriculum Tutor
Miss R Dentith

Department Information
We are a hardworking and enthusiastic team with a proud record of success in examinations. Students are taught in ability groups by a specialist Mathematician from our team of five full-time and two part-time teachers, ably supported by our Curriculum Tutor. We have six classrooms, each with interactive whiteboards, and we also make use of the school ICT classrooms on a regular basis.

In years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught our Key Stage 3 scheme of work. We have three pathways for each year group: Focussing, Secure and Exceeding. Students are assessed regularly throughout the year by submitting work from their Classwork Assessment Booklet, and also by completing our formal assessments upon completion of the Number, Algebra, Shape and Data units of work. Students receive feedback on these assessments and opportunities to improve their work. It is our aim for all students to make continued progress in order to achieve the best results in future examinations.
Topic Lists for each Pathway:

Y7 Focussing Y7 Secure Y7 Exceeding
Y8 Focussing Y8 Secure Y8 Exceeding
Y9 Focussing Y9 Secure Y9 Exceeding


Students in years 10 and 11 prepare for the GCSE examination at the end of year 11, following the Edexcel specification. Students are taught in sets according to previous attainment. Topics covered depend upon the particular framework for the class, which will be Foundation 1, Foundation 2, Higher 1 or Higher 2. Assessment is carried out in a similar way to Key Stage 3, using our Classwork Assessment Booklets and end of unit tests. We always aim to finish the curriculum with a number of weeks remaining in order to carry out an extensive revision programme allowing students to go into their final examinations fully prepared and confident of success.
Topics Lists for each Framework:
The tables show topics covered by looking at the grey cells in the relevant column (F2, F1, H2, H1).


For more information about these topics or particular aspects of the curriculum, please contact Mr J Sowler.


All students are asked to complete homework tasks on the MyMaths website. Students should expect one task each week. We provide support and access to laptops during dinner time in a weekly Homework Session.
Key Stage 4 students can also expect written homework throughout the year, in the form of our GCSE revision booklet.

In line with whole school policy, we expect all students to bring a minimum of black or blue pen, pencil, red pen and a ruler (either 15cm or 30cm). A rubber and a pencil sharpener would also be useful. We recommend that students own a scientific calculator, particularly in Key Stage 4. We use the Casio FX-83G model.

Online Resources
The MathsWatch website is used in lesson time, and is an excellent resource for revision outside of the classroom. Students can access this with their own passwords.
Key Stage 3 students can enjoy the maths games on the superb Sumdog website. Students are provided with their own login and password details.