Modern Foreign Languages: Useful Links

General web-sites – Exercises in most languages on a variety of topics or grammar points

FrenchSpanishOnline -French
FrenchSpanishOnline -Spanish (subscription – but well worth it) (oye & zut) (only available for free after 4pm)’ecole

Websites for downloading or making your own resources (simpsons pictures)

Websites and activities for the following topics:

Personal ID
Pupils can research official websites for facts on their favourite celebrities in the TL.. Choose one of following websites and search for specific celebrities. – Pupils can create their own Mr. Man and describe it – hair & eyes etc. but can also name their character – practising adjectives and their agreements eg. Monsieur Petit/Mademoiselle Petite – Pupils can download cartoon images of celebrities and describe them

For extended vocabulary pupils can research animal websites in the TL.


Town & Tourist Information
You could make an interactive worksheet practising finding the way and places in a town.
Pupils can use vocab. from these city’s websites to write their own project about their own town/Manchester or a foreign city of their choice. (Barcelona)

Christmas & Festivals
Pupils can find out about traditions from authentic web sites.

Pupils can research flags and national anthems.

Home & Furniture
Pupils can extend their vocabulary by looking at home depts.

Pupils can look at authentic estate agents sites for extended vocab. and download pictures to write a description of their ideal home.

Pupils can extend vocab by researching websites in the TL for their favourite hobbies.
Eg: football team sites.

Pupils can look at authentic weather forecasts to enable them to do their own powerpoint presentation in which they do a weather report in front of the class.

Pupils can do their own timetable and school report downloading symbols for each subject to illustrate.

Extension – Pupils can look at real school websites in the TL to write a homepage about their school & use a digital camera to insert pictures from their school to accompany text.

Café & Restaurant
You or pupils can create an interactive worksheet based on a real menu.

Pupils can look up chemist’s products on authentic sites.

Clothes & Fashion
Pupils can create a catalogue page for their own ‘shop’ or designer label – downloading pictures and prices and writing their own descriptions of clothes.
(Karstadt – Germany, Galeries Lafayette – France)

Food & Shopping
Pupils can extend vocab. on food and quantities via internet shopping on authentic sites (eg.Aldi. E Leclerc)

Pupils can create a powerpoint presentation describing their own dream holiday by researching real hotels/prices/tourist info for a particular resort.

Pupils can look at real hotel/camping sites and have a go at internet booking.

Give pupils a destination and a time-frame and ask them to research for the quickest/longest/cheapest/most expensive routes.
(Deutsche Bahn/Air France authentic sites etc.)

Pupils can extend vocab. by researching jobs pages and future plans by looking at teenage careers pages.

Pupils can download facts and advice from authentic sites.(Oxfam/Greenpeace etc.)