KS3 Music:
Pupils currently have one lesson a week of music in which they study a variety of different topics to develop their understanding of different genres of music, music from different cultures and seeks to give all students diverse musical opportunities and to enhance their individual understanding of music.. The following topics are covered in year 7-9:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Rhythm and Pitch
Keyboard skills
Gamelan and identity
Solo Performance

Samba music (CEA link unit of work)
Blues Music
Indian Music
Harry Potter – Theme music
Solo Performance

Film Music
Theme and Variation
Major and Minor
Solo musical performance


Pupils who take music as an option within years 10 and 11 have 5 lessons a fortnight. There are two different courses offered for pupils which allow all pupils the ability to access the course. The first course is the Btec first award in music. This is based on four units of work. Unit 1 and 2 are set units where pupils learn about the music industry and plan and hold a music event. Unit  is assessed through a formal exam at the end of the course. Unit 5 is all about developing pupils as a solo performer and unit  is where pupils develop their skills on music technology and show their creativity through composition. As well as this the Edexcel GCSE music is also offered to pupils. Within the GCSE course pupils will be assessed on a solo and ensemble performance, complete 2 compositions as well learning 8 set pieces of music for a listening exam which pupils take in year 11 where they compare and contrast the set pieces they have learnt about with unheard pieces. Pupils also undertake instrumental lessons weekly and are able to take various graded exams to develop their musical skills further as well as participating in a range of performances and concerts throughout the academic year.