Reward Scheme

What are we awarding points for?

  • Progress & Achievement
  • Effort

What do points make?

KS3   -50% off reward trips

KS4   -50% off trip to Winmarleigh Hall

          -50% off your prom ticket

          + vouchers for attendance


Bronze badge = 50 points
Silver badge = 100 points
Gold badge = 150 points
Platinum badge = 200 points
Limited edition Black badge = 800 points



Subject Badges

Subject badges are nominated by class teachers and are awarded for sustained improvement in achievement and effort.



Social Badges

The social badges are released for a limited time throughout the year and staff are asked to nominate students they feel qualify for the badge. The badges we have released so far are Social Conscience and Teamwork badges. The team work badge is this terms goal, for students to be nominated they must:

  • Work well in a group during lessons
  • Showing care and responsibility as a group round school at break and lunch
  • Showing your teachers how well you can collaborate together to learn